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Happy 20th Anniversary Sex and the City!


Happy 20th Anniversary Sex and the City!

Sherane Lee

It just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t dedicate a blog post to Sex and the City for their 20th Anniversary that will be celebrated during the month of June. After all - it is my birthday month so I just look at all the specials and marathons as my personal little birthday gift:-) There is sooooooo much I could say about SATC and the impact it has had on my life, but for the sake of time - I will just share how this series truly became a part of my life. 

The Style Mom.png

Yes, it’s easy to talk about the fashion - but I feel like this series mean't so much more! The fashion and style was like beautiful decor to house real issues of everyday, modern women. I truly feel like Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda were like my aunts in my head.


Although I’ve honored SATC quite a few times  -  I couldn’t pass up another reason to talk about their impact on my life. I actually fell in love with the series during my first job while they were syndicated on local television. I worked for TV station and I produced all of their promos. I would spend hours watching various clips to create the best commercials. My boss even gifted me with the Sex and the City trivia game and cosmo mix and glasses. In addition - I also have the entire DVD Collection. 


I also coordinated a special event celebrating their first film by documenting a huge lunch party followed by us all entering the theater to watch the premiere. Afterwards - I edited the video the included us interviewing each other about relationships and characters we related most to. I mailed all the DVD's to each guest with the SATC graphics and music. Lawd - I probably broke so many laws back then! I thank God it wasn't during today's overexposed social media era - because we were cutting up!!! 


Watching Sex and the City used to be my 20’something breakup medicine. Regardless of how discombobulated all their relationships were - watching the show truly gave me the confidence to move forward despite any circumstance. 


Last, but not least - the fashion...

I remember going to Macy’s and buying five tea-length dresses, because I was inspired after binge watching episodes all day. For a few months - I would overdress every time I went out with my friends - day or night. Although I don’t look at overdressing as a bad thing - I probably looked crazy being in a tea-length dress at the bar. LOL... 


Instead of highlighting the cast and/or characters separately, I purposely focused on the characters as a unit in this post. I believe that it took all four storylines to truly build this groundbreaking series. The boldness of the story will always be relevant. The fashion will always be on trend. Overall, this series will always have a special place in my heart. 

Happy 20th Anniversary Sex and the City! 


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