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Everyday Tulle


Everyday Tulle

Sherane Lee

One trend that I’ve been loving for a few years has been that of tulle & mesh - EVERYTHING. From my oversized mesh t-shirts to my over-the-top tulle skirts - I love it all. It maximizes my glam, while minimizing my effort. The best part - it’s no longer limited for special occasions.

When styled right - multiple layered and/or tiered tulle flatters your figure. I love how tiered layered tulle tops mask my stomach and voluptuous tulle skirts cinch my waist. Plus, adding a cropped blazer will always bring more structure & sophistication to the look. 

I wore this look this past Friday night out with hubby... At first I was hesitant, because I thought it maybe too spring-like for this inconsistent D.C. weather - but the temperature was perfect. 

 Photo Credit:  The Style House

Photo Credit: The Style House

I wore this tulle skirt to a brunch over the winter. Like I previously stated -  pairing a blazer with a big tulle skirt helps cinch my waist while giving me structure. Overall - it elevates the look - making it age-appropriate for a *cough* year-old woman like myself:-) Of course I had to add  vintage brooches...

  Photo Credit:  The Style House

 Photo Credit: The Style House

Check out some more of these everyday tulle looks below... 

 Photo Credit:  JLo

Photo Credit: JLo

   Photo Credit:  Toni and Guy Surry Hills

  Photo Credit: Toni and Guy Surry Hills

Be creative by adding everyday tulle to your party decor... 

 Photo Credit:  Mint Parties

Photo Credit: Mint Parties

...or as a replacement to your average hosiery. 

 Photo Credit:  Stylict

Photo Credit: Stylict


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